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    2024-02-09 00:00:00

    2023.02.02 version, released on the 9th of February 2024, provides minor improvements and bug fixing.

    Key Enhancements:

    • Created a bootable jar to execute DSpace REST as Spring Boot application
    • Added the internal routing on the counted component and improved its general appearance and behavior
    • Removed the dropdown menu with SherpaRomeo suggestions when entering the title of Books
    • Added support to display an alternative tab/box if the configured one is not accessible by the current user
    • Added AddToAny for sharing posts on social media
    • Implemented a GDPR-compliant metrics integration
      • Isolated consents for third party metrics, each of the metrics can be accepted/declined separately.
      • Script loading is conditional to allow giving consent for each metric.
      • Disabling each metric is possible on the whole environment via configuration property.
    • In order to have, for ORCID, an external identifier even for orgunits like departments, with this version the orgunit hierarchy is scanned upwards, and the first identifier is used for the disambiguation
    • Improved the post preview on social media when sharing it from the social buttons
    • Improved the appearance of subscription emails
    • The MetadataImporter was updated in order to be able to load all the registries at once, with the possibility of configuring which files must be used and without having to specify the file to use for every import
    • The ItemEnhancer now avoids performing an update of an item when there are no changes in the calculated virtual metadata, even when the deep \(previously named force\) mode is used. This prevents triggering other consumers, such as reindexing or altering the last modification date of the item if not really needed.
    • Created utility functions to handle internal and external links
    • The ROR integration also shows the country when providing suggestions in a field

    Bug fixes:

    • Using discovery configuration communityOrCollection for the item mapper in the item administrative section
    • Fixed the issue that made filters in the search section not work correctly if square brackets are used
    • Fixed the logo being displayed on the communities & collections pages. The logo had no maximum size
    • Added tests to test the community/collection logo could be edited once set/uploaded
    • The default logo was Person but the default one is now File since not every thumbnail is generally related to a Person it makes sense to have a more generic logo/thumbnail
    • This technical improvement opens the opportunity for performance improvements each time that a script or other functionalities require to work over all or a large list of items.
    • Restored the filters in the sidebar on the Search Results page
    • Fixed the link authn error during external login \(OIDC\)
    • Fixed the issue of not listing any community or collection when starting CSV and XLS Metadata export
    • The item page resolver function was corrected in the case of a single leading tab, resolving the issue of having a stuck loading of pages
    • Fix cris-layout box for bitstream type
    • Removed the yellow bar on the top of the page
    • Fixed the infinite scroll in the pop-up appearing when clicking the “All of DSpace” button in the search bar on MyDSpace page
    • Fixed the infinite scroll in the pop-up appearing when adding an entity starting from the option in the administration menu
    • Fixed the issue of the impossibility of running the filter-media process with limitations to a community or collection
    • Fixed the “detect duplicate” error which prevented the depositing of an item with a correction request
    • Fixed error with the process page not being correctly updated once the process ended

    Based on DSpace tag 7.6.1 (backend) and 7.6.1 (front-end)


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