Research management system news (actual)

    2022-12-30 00:00:00

    This version, released on the 30th Dec 2022, provides alignment with DSpace 7.4 tag. See DSpace 7.4 release notes.

    Key Enhancements:

    • Shared workspace feature: all coauthors can work on the same workspace item.
    • Enhanced advanced attachment item rendering, with possibility of completely hide a bitstream from item details page.
    • Scopus and Wos import scripts can be limited to a configurable amount of items.
    • Configurable crisref icons.

    Major improvements areas / bug fixes:

    • Hide/sort (management of related entities) feature.
    • Researcher profile creation.
    • Item presentation: date rendering and multi language metadata support.
    • Item enhancers feature.
    • Login redirect in case anonymous user is not authorized to see a DSpace Object.
    • Admin sidebar options.

    Based on DSpace tag 7.4 (backend) and 7.4 (front-end).


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