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    General information

    Surname, NameUus, Jonas
    Main AffiliationInformatikos fakultetas
    StatusDarbuotojas / Employee


    Vytauto Didžiojo universitetasAktualu / Actual
    Informatikos fakultetasAktualu / Actual


    Total Citations WEB OF SCIENCETMWorks indexed in WEB OF SCIENCETM
    0 [2021-06-06]0 [2021-06-06]



    1. Mandravickaitė, Justina; Briedienė, Monika; Uus, Jonas; Krilavičius, Tomas. What’s in the news? Identification of trending topics in alternative and mainstream Lithuanian media // CEUR Workshop proceedings [electronic resource]: Machine learning for trend and weak signal detection in social networks and social media, Toulouse, France, February 27-28, 2020 : proceedings. Aachen : CEUR-WS, 2020, Vol. 2606. ISSN 1613-0073, handle:20.500.12259/119629. Internet access: <> [Mokslo straipsnis / Research article] [Scopus]
    2. Uus, Jonas; Krilavičius, Tomas. Detection of different types of vehicles from aerial imagery // CEUR Workshop proceedings [electronic resource]: IVUS 2019, International conference on information technologies, Kaunas, Lithuania, 25 April, 2019. Aachen : CEUR-WS, 2019, Vol. 2470. ISSN 1613-0073, handle:20.500.12259/102060. Internet access: <> [Mokslo straipsnis / Research article] [Scopus]