Mokslo valdymo sistemos naujienos

    2023-07-01 00:00:00

    This version, released on 9th of June, provides alignment with DSpace 7.5 tag. See DSpace 7.5 release notes.

    Key Enhancements:

    • Alignment with DSpace 7.5 tag. See DSpace 7.5 release notes.
    • Replaced AddThis as social plugin manager with AddToAny
    • Export of the current cris layout configuration as a reusable xls
    • Ability to configure the explore sections under hierarchical menu

    Major improvements areas / bug fixes:

    • Fixed a bug affecting special groups membership evaluation during CRIS security checks
    • Added a new LimitedMetadataContributor to Live Import Framework, to limit number of metadata of the same type to be imported
    • Improved Line chart visualization in statistics page reflecting the selected time interval
    • AuthorityImportFiller for fundings gathering data from OpenAIRE added, Fundings related to other DSpace-CRIS Objects can be created with those gathered data
    • Restored subject in sent email
    • Hidden Relationships tab in Edit item page
    • CMS metadata admin section improved
    • Submission: dropdown values associated to blank metadata value are not stored
    • Migration: fixed missing relationship values

    Based on DSpace tag 7.5 (backend) and 7.5 (front-end)


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