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122-Jun-2020Methods of teaching reading in EFL classes at primary schools in ChinaCui, Shuobachelor thesis
222-Jun-2020Analysis of identity in contemporary novelLiu, Shuiqibachelor thesis
323-Jun-2020Lexical Features of Political Discourse: An Analysis of Speeches Delivered by Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, and Angela MerkelVaina, Domantasbachelor thesis
422-Jun-2020Gothic aesthetics in Daphne du Maurier’s novel Rebecca (1938) and its 1940 and 1997 film adaptationsJianli, Qinbachelor thesis
523-Jul-2020Comparative discourse analysis of Chinese and English academic paper abstractsGaofei, Liubachelor thesis
619-Jun-2020Die paratextuellen Elemente in den Wirtschafstexten der Europäischen UnionBočiūtė, Ingamaster thesis
722-Jun-2020Affixation in social media: the case of facebook, twitter, youtube, and instagramAbugelytė, Deimantėbachelor thesis
823-Jun-2020Translation of authorisms in Antanas Škėma's novel "White Shroud"Kupštytė, Deimantėbachelor thesis
919-Jun-2020Hate speech on FacebookVasiliauskas, Tomasbachelor thesis
1023-Jun-2020Cultural dimension in ELT textbooks for young learners: form 4Gabrielė, Rutkauskaitėbachelor thesis
1122-Jun-2020Existential sentences in English and Mandarin ChineseHe, Lijiabachelor thesis
128-Jun-2021L'étude thématique de la poésie de Jacques PrévertYu, Hangbachelor thesis
139-Jun-2020Translational stylistics and corpus linguistics: an analysis of Stephen King's novel "Mr Mercedes" and its translation into LithuanianAncutaitė, Neringamaster thesis
1419-Jun-2020Social Class and Identity in Santa Montefiore's Novel The Beekeeper's DaughterŠabasevičiūtė, Brigitabachelor thesis
1519-Jun-2020An Analysis of the translation of headlines of popular science articles from English into LithuanianKarolis, Gaižauskasbachelor thesis
1618-Jun-2020Rhétorique des présidents de la République Française de François Mitterrand à Emmanuel MacronMickevičius, Tautvydasbachelor thesis
178-Jun-2021Emploi et sémantique du Plus-Que-Parfait dans "La promesse de l'aube" de Romain GaryChen, Bingshuobachelor thesis


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