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2008The Experience of Measurement and Assessment of Intercultural Competence in EducationMažeikienė, Natalija; Virgailaitė-Mečkauskaitė, Eglėresearch article
2008Research competence for international collaboration in the process of higher education and labour market internationalizationMažeikienė, Natalija; Zubilina, Oksana; Virgailaitė-Mečkauskaitė, Eglė; Ruškus, Jonasresearch article
2008Competence Based Teaching and Evaluation Methods/ Strategines Online : Analysis of Intercultural Communication courseMažeikienė, Natalija; Virgailaitė-Mečkauskaitė, Eglė; Ališauskienė, Stefanijaresearch article
2009Competence Based Teaching and Evaluation Methods/Strategies OnlineVirgailaitė-Mečkauskaitė, Eglė; Mažeikienė, Natalijaresearch article