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2011Ilgalaikio kultūrinio pasipriešinimo problemos: Meksikos zapatistų atvejisKalpokas, Ignasresearch article
2012Remembering independence, desiring enemies : reflections on nationhood in contemporary LithuaniaKalpokas, Ignasresearch article
31-May-2012Two Swords Reconsidered: The Unconscious Residue of Sovereignty in the New Nomos of the EarthKalpokas, Ignasmaster thesis
2013Saint George, the dragonslayer : the symbolism of ‘responsibility to protect’Kalpokas, Ignasresearch article
2013The human network revisited: responses to Brynnar Swenson’s “The human network: social media and the limit of politics”Kalpokas, Ignas; Mininger, Jay Daniel; Rusinaitė, Viktorijaresearch article
2015Rethinking the sovereign : the immanent presence of the political orderKalpokas, Ignasresearch article
2015The line as a basic element of international orderKalpokas, Ignasbook part
2016Mechanisms of communicating the ‘other’ on social media : outlining a theoryKalpokas, Ignasresearch article
2016Exploring the many faces of social mediaKalpokas, Ignasresearch article
2016Wielding the spiritual sword again: some considerations on neo-medievalism in modern international orderKalpokas, Ignasresearch article
2016Social media: mimesis and warfareKalpokas, Ignasresearch article
2016[Book review]: Pauline M. Kaurin, The Warrior, Military Ethics and Contemporary Warfare: Achilles Goes AsymmetricalKalpokas, Ignasreview article
2016Influence operations: challenging the social media – democracy nexusKalpokas, Ignasresearch article
2017The new nomos of the earth and the channelling of violenceKalpokas, Ignasresearch article
2017Book review: Barbara Koremenos, The Continent of international law: explaining agreement designKalpokas, Ignasreview article
2017Book review: Dimiter Toshkov, Research design in political scienceKalpokas, Ignasreview article
2017Book review: Margaret Moore, A political theory of territoryKalpokas, Ignasreview article
2017Book review: Carlo Galli, Janus’s Gaze: essays on Carl SchmittKalpokas, Ignasreview article
2017Information warfare on social media: a brand management perspectiveKalpokas, Ignasresearch article
2017The wanderings of displaced memory: immanence in the essays of Czesław MiłoszKalpokas, Ignasbook part